What makes the EasyCut Pro - Vinyl Cutter Software so great?

Draw and Edit Shapes

Draw and Edit Shapes

Draw your own shapes directly on the mat, Create original designs very easily using various shape and drawing tools. you'll find that the design solutions are endless.

Text Editing Tools

Enhanced Text Layout Tools

WYSIWYG text layout and design with all your fonts on your computer, 4 different types of type tools and add a variety of effects to text objects.

Node editing

Node editing

Powerful tools designed to edit nodes that can enhance vector objects. Supports many different types of transforming and editing nodes, curves, etc.

Special Efects

Special Effects

A variety of effects can be applied to your designs, such as 3D Rotate, Wrapper, Bulge, Lattice, Title Crawl, Knockout, 3D Extrude, Canned, Shadow, Wave, and etc.

Vectorize Images

Vectorize Images

Unmatched image vectorization - Quickly convert any raster images (JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF) into cuttable vector path designs in just a few clicks.

Supported Vector Images

Import most file formats

Import a wide range of vector based formats, such as PLT, SVG, DXF, AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, WPC, GSD, SCUT, FCM and so on.

True Shape Nesting


Powerful nesting with advanced optimisation techniques give unparalleled material savings. Start optimizing and minimise material waste!

Create Rhinestone designs

Create Rhinestone

Easily create custom rhinestone designs that can be output with a vinyl cutter, You can specify stone size and spacing to make your own rhinestone template.

Weld Text and Shapes

Weld Shapes/Text

Welding will take two or more selected overlapping images and join them together into one single shape. There are two ways to weld overlapping shapes.

Weeding Vinyl

Weeding Vinyl

Remove the excess vinyl from in between shapes and around their respective edges. This feature will add a weeding border around the selected shapes.

Cut Tiles


If your design is wider than the maximum cutting width of your cutting machine, you can use this to fast and accurate split up the design into smaller tiles.

Shapes Library

Shapes Library

Gives you instant, easy access to over 350 pre-made shapes in the built in shapes library for Free. Shape cutting has never been easier!

Advanced Cutting Options

Advanced Cutting Options

Full control your cutter with a variety of settings: origin point, WYSIWYG, cut selection only, duplicate cut, print and cut, cut by color, and many other options.

Cut By Color

Cut by Color

The easy way to separate the different colors in your artwork to separate cut jobs. Cut and manage even complex designs with ease.

Working With Layers

Layer Manager

Use layers to easily organize objects that help you to more control over how you organize, edit and cut objects with EasyCut Pro.

Control Cutting Order

Control Cutting Order

Manually control cutting order and optimize your cutting operations. Starting the cutting simulator that shows the cutting order in the animation.

Cut End Action

Cut End Action

EasyCut Pro has options to rewinds back to the origin, do nothing or advance a specified amount.

Cut Copies

Cut Copies

Specifying the number of copies of the job. Easily create multiple copies of the same object.

Easy Vinyl Cutting

Easy to use

Making signs, logos, decals and stickers fast has never been easier. This cutting software features such a user-friendly design that it's usable by anyone.

Easy Contour Cutting

Contour Cutting

Easily create an outline around objects, shapes and text etc. Creating your print and cut files for contour cutting of stickers and decals has never been easier.

Supported Vinyl Cutters

Supported Cutting Plotters

Supports a large number of cutter manufacturers and models, including popular one such as Graphtec, Roland, Mimaki, GCC, USCutter, Vevor and so on.

What People Are Saying About EasyCut Pro?

Graphtec Vinyl Cutter User

I love this cutting plotter program. It is so much easier to use than the software that came with my cutting plotter and it works beautifully with my Graphtec cutter. I am so happy that I bought this.

Roland PNC Cutter User

Great vinyl cutting plotter software! Used it to replace the original cutting software that came with my husband's plotter. Easy to learn. Does everything I need it to do. Very good sticker cutting program.

Mac Cutting Plotter Software User

I’m constantly recommending EasyCut Pro to my friends mostly because of its ease of use. I now use that exclusively, from design to finish. Thanks for providing such a great cutting plotter software program.

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