Q: What are the limitations of the trial version?

A: The demo version of EasyCut Pro can be used for 15 days and it will cut two horizontal lines through your design as a DEMO watermark.

Q: Will EasyCut Pro support my cutting plotter?

A: EasyCut Pro supports hundreds of vinyl cutters and we're constantly updating our supported devices list. Click here to check if your cutting plotter is supported.

Q: Where can I find my serial number?

A: After you purchase EasyCut Pro, you will receive an email containing your “Serial Number” (sent to the email address you provide to Shareit, at time of purchase). If you do not immediately receive your Serial Number, please check your "Junk” or ”Spam” email folders to ensure the email was not blocked by your spam filter settings.

Q: How do I activate EasyCut Pro?

A: To activate software, please follow the steps below:

  1. Launch EasyCut Pro.
  2. Click "Activate" on the screen and enter your Name and Serial number, then click the “Activate” button.

Q: Why does my cutting plotter cut horizontal lines through my design?

A: You need to register your copy if you want to cut non-watermarked projects.

Q: I am experiencing my cutter stopping before it finishes the cut file, what is wrong?

A: The latest version of EasyCut Pro for Mac have fixed this issue, download the latest version and reinstall it.

Q: When I import my files they cut bigger than what I created? my cutting plotter is Graphtec CE6000-60.

A: For Graphtec machines, the step size set in the software cut window must match whatever is set on the Graphtec machine.

Q: When I cut it always leave 30CM (like 12 inch) in the beginning? I feel like I'm loosing a lot of vinyl. how to fix this??

A: When you hit cut to bring up the cut window, there is a Cut mode settings. If set to WYSIWYG, it will cut wherever you place it on the screen relative to the origin point. If set to Origin Point, it will shift the design and start cutting wherever the origin is set on the cutter.

Q: My Graphtec cutter is cutting several inches smaller than the size that I am sending to the cutter.

A: With the Graphtec, you need to make sure the step size on the Graphtec cutter matches the step size set in the software in the Cutter Settings. When you hit cut to bring up the cut window, there is a Step size setting. And when you cycle through the menus on the Graphtec there is also a step size settings, so if it is cutting the wrong size, then they do not match and scales incorrectly.

Q: Why my cutting plotter doesn't work?

A: The most common reason that cutting plotters do not plot the data being sent is that the communication link between the computer and the cutting plotter is not correct for any of the following reasons: (1) the USB driver is not the correct one for the cutting plotter. (2) the correct port has not been assigned in the Cut Settings Window (e.g. COM1 should be COM2 or LPT2 should be LPT1), (3) If the cutter is in offline mode (which is usually the default after you power it on) it will not cut anything. (4) the language expected by the plotter is not the language the software is sending (e.g. the plotter may be set up for DMPL but the software is sending HPGL). (5) one or more parameters in the advanced section of the plotter driver has been changed from the correct setting, (6) the serial cable is not internally wired per the specs required by the plotter, (7) the parallel or serial port is not configured correctly or the correct driver for the port has not been installed correctly, (8) there is a problem with your cutting plotter.

Q: is it possible to use the TrueType fonts on my computer?

A: Yes, All the TrueType fonts on your computer can be used in the EasyCut Pro.

Q: I have a Vinyl Systems Specialist 28" cutter and it is not on the list so I cannot try the software.

A: There a generic one that you can use. Please go to the Cutter menu -> Manage My Cutters and add the Plotter Generic option.

Q: How to cut part of design.

A: If you open the Layers window you should see all the different shapes in your project. If you click the Eye icon, you can toggle specific Layers to be visible/not visible, where layers that are not visible will not cut.

Q: When I trace a JPG image, edges do not cut smooth. Any idea why?

A: When you hit cut to bring up the cut window, try to change the Holder setting to Pen and set the option below to "Draw draw+cut lines".

Q: Why the price on the order page is higher than that of your store?

A: There may be a tax when you place the order. The tax is charged according to user' local tax law by MyCommerce. If you have tax-exempt qualification, you can remove the tax. For customers from the European Union, value added tax is added to your orders. Companies can purchase tax-free by providing valid VAT registration number. For customers outside the EU, no VAT is added.

Q: Do you offer education discounts?

A: Yes, we offer discounts if you are a teacher, student, or IT manager purchasing on behalf of your school. please get in touch and we will send you a discount code.

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